My work stems from the need to understand the space around myself; through looking and drawing I become a part of my surrounding. I perceive several dimensions and points of view.

The starting point of my drawing is perception: involving present, past, memories, overlapping memories, stacked memories or the registration of a dream.
My work is characterized by transparency, layering and differences in size and scale. I work with found materials, charcoal, ink, watercolour, ripped paper and projections (overhead and slide projector) on various backgrounds.

My transparency collages are displayed with analogue projectors. The original slides (2,5 x 3cm) are cut with small scissors; coloured; scratched; sometimes layered and reframed. The photographs from my image archive are reworked with watercolour, pens, ink and thread.

The differences in size and scale in my work are pronounced and have an alienating effect. All these elements, which do not seem to fit together, somehow merge and become a logical whole. It’s about a fleeting moment, a tranquil image from the past. The viewer is led into a world that is vaguely familiar but also not. One surmises a meaning without being certain.


Copyrights of the artwork, photographs and texts exhibited on this website are held by Niki Murphy. No part of the material shown may be reproduced, circulated or published without specific permission of the artist.